Why the FootJoy fit is the best fit

The results are in - size really does matter. At least, it does where golf shoes are concerned. In fact, a proper fit that’s perfectly tailored to you can have a significant impact on your performance. And yet there are still so many golfers wearing the wrong size. 

This is where FootJoy comes in. Here, we give an insight to this legendary brand, its product innovation, methods of shoe-fitting, and how having your feet measured for a true-to-you shoe fit can help you play golf better (yes, really).  

What’s FootJoy’s story?

At more than a century old, FootJoy has been trusted by all the greatest professional golfers in the world and has been the number one shoe at every tournament on the PGA Tour since 1945. What makes the FootJoy fit so legendary? 

  • Precision fit. The golf-devoted brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and rigorous testing ensures their wearers get their best personal fit, providing stability, support, and comfort. 
  • Fit vs feel. Not only does FootJoy offer the widest range of sizes in the market, it also caters different materials, technologies, and shapes so you can bring together all the elements of a golf shoe that feel good to you.
  • Timeless aesthetic. FootJoy footwear exudes style, with refined details that appeal to a wide range of golfers - from those craving modern clean lines to those who can’t beat a classic look.

Why get golf shoes fitted?

Taking the time to get shoes fitted by a professional can boost your performance in a number of ways:

  • All-round comfort. Golfing involves spending long periods of time on your feet, so if your shoes are ill-fitting, you’re going to be uncomfortable. Improper fits can even lead to blisters or pain, during or after a round, which has a detrimental effect on your focus and performance.
  • Support and stability. As well as your grip, a strong, stable balance is one the foundational elements needed to refine your swing. Getting shoes fit properly ensures your feet have the best support to land a great shot. 
  • Injury prevention. Time spent on the course can be thwarted if you end up with a sprained ankle caused by an improper fit, or foot-related issues such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, corns, or calluses. Investing in a well-fit shoe helps your foot health in the long run.
  • Play longer, whatever the weather. When a shoe fits, it holds its shape and seals your feet from the elements, helping to keep you dry in rainy or cold weather. This comfort can improve your endurance, especially when you’re walking the substantial distance of those 18 holes. Made from full grain leather, our FootJoy Traditions spiked mens golf shoes come with a one-year waterproof warranty.    

How to measure feet, the FootJoy way

Recognising that properly fit footwear can improve performance, FootJoy’s shoe-fitting methods start with accurate foot measurements. This includes:

  • Foot length and width. A trusty Brannock device can measure the distance between your heel to ball, and heel to toe, as well as the width (an often overlooked measurement). While most brands offer regular or wide options, FootJoy offers a vast range of shoe widths. To check you have the right width, your top eyelets should roughly be a thumb’s width apart. 
  • Arch shape. A Brannock device can certainly provide your arch length, but it can’t tell you the shape of your arch - is it low, normal, or high? Knowing this ensures you get the right arch support. An easy way to measure this is with a ‘wet test’: lightly wet bare feet then step on a blank piece of heavy paper. If your wet footprints leave a near-full print, you have a low arch, whereas a high arch will leave a print of your heel and forefront with a narrow connecting band. A normal arch sits somewhere in between.

How to prepare for a golf shoe fitting

Before your fitting, think about the elements of a golf shoe you find most comfortable. Do you prefer a full rounded toe, as seen in FootJoy’s Pro SL Mens spikeless golf shoes, or a fashion fit? What about the feel around your shoe opening? Do you like it to feel snug, with a V-throat fit, or airy, with a blucher opening? As well as a foam midsole for lightweight comfort, many FootJoy shoes also offer extra ankle padding, such as the FootJoy HyperFlex Spiked Golf Shoes.

You may also want to book a fitting later on in the afternoon, since feet can swell over the course of the day. And always remember to wear the socks you’ll usually wear on the golf course.

Ready for your fitting?

Never underestimate the power of a proper shoe fitting. Browse the full range of FootJoy golfing products on our website, or book an expert fitting to ensure you get the perfect gear, uniquely tailored to you and your playing style.

Discover a flawless fit and swing into action with confidence thanks to our range of men's golf shoes.