Custom Fit Golf Clubs

Our custom fitting technicians use the latest Trackman 4 technology to analyse your individual swing and make tailored club recommendations. This process is designed to make you a better, more consistent player - with every club in your bag. A question we are often asked is “do I need custom fit clubs”, for the occasional golfer it’s a valid question. The advice we give is that if you play and practice at least once per week, then it’s something you should seriously consider. A professional player can adjust to any club or scenario, whereas an amateur can not. This is where custom fitting can be your advantage. Read about our process below or contact us to book a fitting.

“We don’t just custom fit clubs we are here to help you understand why you need your specification and to give you a better understanding of golf technology.”

Simon Corp, PGA Professional, Managing Director, Major Golf Direct



We will start your custom fit with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee! We will ask you a few questions about your game finding out the key areas you wish to improve. We will ask about your golfing background, any physical limitations, how often you play, what equipment/ brands you wish to try and why, and what do you want to achieve?


Static Measurements

The first measurement we will record is your height, the second is your floor to wrist measurement. We will also use our state of the art measuring device to give us the perfect starting point for you to demo the equipment.



Throughout your custom fit you will be using the latest technology in golf simulators we will record data using Trackman and Skytrak. They record what is happening to the ball at impact & post impact. We will assess the launch angle, backspin/ side spin rates, shot shape, club head speed, ball speed and efficiency of strike (Smash Factor), distance gapping and shot dispersion.



Our PGA qualified custom fit technicians will explain the data to you in a very simple format. They will make recommendations for you helping you achieve the optimum launch conditions.

Club head factors for Irons include:
- Blade, Midsize, Cavity backed or combo sets.
- Forged or Cast
- Set Make Up i.e. 4-Pw or 5-Pw plus wedge loft recommendations
- Hybrids V Standard Long Irons
- Bounce angle (wedges)

Club head factors for Metals (Woods) include:
- Head size i.e. 460cc 440cc
- Head shape
- Loft
- Head materials
- Head weight setup (draw, neutral, fade & centre of gravity positioning)

Shaft Options:
-Graphite V Steel
- Weight
- Flex
- Length
- Kickpoint
- Frequency
- Pured Shafts (Vega Only)



We also personalise your equipment, including irons and metals. The iron lie angle will be tested by applying carbonised tape to the sole of the iron head. You will hit shots from a special lie board. The marks of the lie tape will determine whether you will need them altering to a more upright or flat angle. With the advancement in technology we will setup the club to match your launch conditions. We will set the loft, the heel to toe weight bias and the COG favouring nearer to the face or back in the head.


Grip Selection

The size of your hand will determine what grip you need, undersize, standard, Midsize or Oversize. We will also take into consideration how you like a grip to feel and also your general playing conditions i.e. corded multi-compound grips are better for sweaty hands or if playing in wet conditions.


Golf Ball Fittings

Part of the fitting process to optimize the launch conditions will be finding out what ball you will benefit from. Do you need 2,3,4 or 5 piece constructions, what compression, brand, what cover Surlyn or Urethane. All the data we collect from Trackman and Skytrak along with your feedback will allow us to select the correct ball for you.


Wedge Fittings

Using the Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyser, in as little as two swings you can get accurately fit into the correct wedge bounce or sole grind. The analyser measures your swing path and angle of attack which you will see on screen. Using this data and matching up to your pitching wedge loft we can determine how many wedges you should carry and what loft options you need.



We will review each stage making sure that you have understood the full process. We will pride ourselves on not just fitting you to the right clubs but also educating you giving you more knowledge about golf club technology. With all purchases of hardware we offer an 8 week and 6 month free club check for complete customer piece of mind.