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A ‘cookie’ is a file in your web browser that enables us to recognize your computer when you visit the site. They are used by websites to collect information, such as how many people visit and return to the site, what products are being bought and to make certain parts of the site work properly. We use cookies for a number of purposes including helping us to manage a customer when they are logged in or out, ensuring the authenticity of registered customers or to monitor traffic and provide mechanisms for online shopping. If you are a non-registered user you are sent an anonymous cookie to help us keep track of your browsing patterns so that we can recommend items to you. Also, any visitor who has clicked on Major Golf Direct advertisements on other web sites, we will be sent an anonymous cookie that will allow us to target our advertising and manage relationships with our affiliate sites.

Whilst you don’t need to accept cookies in order to browse much of our web site or to access many of our services, you must have cookies enabled if you wish to shop online.

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