How to grip a golf club


For many golfers, the perfect swing starts with a proper grip on the club. It's the foundational element that sets the tone for a powerful, accurate, and consistent shot. If you're new to the game or looking to refine your technique, understanding how to grip a golf club correctly is a crucial step towards improving your swing.

Here, we cover the basics of golf grips – including just how hard to grip a golf club – and explain how to find your perfect grip with different clubs.

The basics of golf grips

Neutral grip

The neutral grip forms the basis for many golf swings. Begin by positioning the club squarely in your left hand (for right-handed golfers). The handle should run diagonally from the base of your little finger to the middle of your index finger. Your thumb should rest slightly to the right of center on the grip.

Applying pressure

Golfers often wonder how tightly to grip a golf club. Gripping too hard can hinder your swing so instead, aim for a firm but relaxed grip. Imagine holding a tube of toothpaste - you want enough pressure to keep it secure without squeezing it out excessively.

Interlocking grip

This grip involves intertwining the pinky finger of your trailing hand (right hand for right-handed golfers) with the index finger of your lead hand. This grip promotes a strong connection between the hands, enhancing control during the swing.

Overlapping grip

Alternatively, the overlapping grip involves overlapping the pinky finger of your trailing hand over the index finger of your lead hand. This grip is favored by many professionals for its balance of control and comfort.

Baseball grip

The baseball grip, where all ten fingers rest side by side without interlocking or overlapping, offers a more natural and relaxed hold. While less common among experienced golfers, some beginners find this grip easier to start with.

Finding your perfect grip with different clubs

Different golf clubs may require slight adjustments to your grip. For instance, with a driver, a slightly looser grip can encourage a more fluid swing, allowing for maximum power. Meanwhile, with shorter irons, a slightly firmer grip might help maintain control and precision.

The size of your hands can determine what grip you need, as well as how you like it to feel and what playing conditions you’ll be under. Experiment with various grips to find what feels most comfortable and effective for your swing. Remember, consistency in your grip will lead to greater consistency in your shots.

Linking grip technique with the right equipment

At Major Golf Direct, we offer a range of clubs designed to complement different grip styles. Whether you prefer a standard grip, midsize, or oversized grip, finding the right club with the ideal grip can significantly impact your game.

Practice, patience, and the right equipment can make all the difference in your game, and mastering how to properly grip a golf club is essential for enhancing your performance on the course. Experiment with different grips, find what feels comfortable, and pair it with the right equipment to take your game to the next level.

Visit our stores in person or explore our wide selection of clubs and grips online to elevate your golfing experience. Still unsure? Our custom fitting technicians can help you find a golf club and grip tailored to you.