Golf winter equipment: a guide

Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the game. But if you’re yet to experience frosty fairways, you might be wondering what golfing equipment is best to get the most out of your game. 

As well as keeping yourself warm with the eight key winter layers, preparing your gear will help you enjoy your time on the course, no matter how chilly it is.

From selecting the best golf ball for chilly conditions to adding winter wheels to your golf trolley, we cover the essential winter equipment needed to keep your game going strong during the colder season.

What golf equipment is best for winter?

Generally, golf can be more difficult in the winter. But it doesn’t have to be a miserable affair. And it shouldn’t stop you from having a great game - you just need to get kitted out with the right equipment. First up, trolleys…

  • Navigate the fairway with a winter golf trolley

Whether you use a lightweight push/pull golf trolley or a modern electric golf trolley, a quality golf trolley can help you navigate tougher terrains. No one wants to lug heavy bags when it’s frosty, and golf trolleys can provide stability on slippery surfaces - granted they’re equipped with the right wheels. 

What are winter wheels on a golf trolley?

Winter wheels for golf trolleys are specialised attachments designed to enhance the trolley's performance and stability when navigating through wet, muddy, or challenging winter course conditions. Why use winter wheels? Golf greenkeepers will tell you it keeps the course from being damaged - which is true, and a big bonus. As for your game, winter wheels are designed with larger treads and a different pattern, offering better traction and manoeuvrability. Quite simply, winter wheels from reputable brands such as Powakaddy or Kaktus are safer on wet or soft terrain.

Do hedgehog wheels work?

Yes, hedgehog wheels on golf trolleys can be effective in certain conditions, particularly on wet or soft terrain. Hedgehog wheels are specialised attachments designed to replace the regular wheels on a golf trolley. They feature a unique spiked or ridged pattern that helps distribute the weight of the trolley and golf bags more evenly, reducing the impact on the course and preventing excessive damage, especially in winter or wet conditions.

  • Find a low-compression golf ball (ideally a bright one)

What is the best winter golf ball? Since cold weather can affect the flight and behaviour of the golf ball, meaning it may not travel as far due to denser air and lower temperatures, low-compression golf balls give better distance and softer feel, even when it’s cold. 

Another tip you’ll be grateful for on the fairway: when visibility is limited or there’s frost on the ground, bright golf balls are your best friend. Orange, bright green, and yellow golf balls in particular are easier to spot. 

  • Towels, brushes, and other functional items

Snow, mud, and frost can quickly accumulate on your golfing gear, affecting your grip and swing. Keep a towel handy as well as a reliable club brush, such as the Masters Golf Opti Club Cleaner Brush or Golf 3-In-1 Multi Cleaner Brush. As well as gloves to keep your hands from going numb in the cold, a good handwarmer can help make sure you’re extra toasty - so you can focus on your game.

With the right golf gear, gloomy games are a thing of the past. Explore our range of golfing accessories, clubs, and clothing, from some of the world’s top brands, or book a custom fitting.