How to keep warm playing golf in winter


It’s not only completely doable to golf during winter, it can - believe it or not - be enjoyable. It all  comes down to knowing how to dress warm for golf on the frosty/cold days on the golf course.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newcomer braving the elements, winter golf presents unique challenges - from freezing temperatures and biting winds to occasional rain or even snow. Without cold-weather golfing gear, frosty conditions can quickly turn a fun round into a frustrating ordeal. Which leads us to the question - what to wear for winter golf? 

Here, we explain how to keep warm playing golf in winter by layering up in golfing clothes and accessories like a pro. 

What to wear playing golf in winter 

To tackle chilly conditions and conquer the fairways during colder months, it's crucial to know what to wear on golf courses in winter. From your base to your beanie, it’s all about layers - which allow you to add or remove clothing as needed to stay comfy and swing without feeling too stuffy or shivery. 

Layer one: Begin with your baselayers 

Knowing how to dress warm for golf starts with a thermal golf base layer. Underneath everything you’re wearing, these keep your core warm during extended rounds on cold or damp courses. To ensure you can still swing freely, choose a baselayer that has both a compression fit and four-way fabric stretch. From adidas to Calvin Klein, we stock a range of premium branded base layers, boasting breathable, fitted, high-wicking features that fit easily under a moisture-wicking golf shirt. It’s important your shirt is moisture-absorbing because this pulls the sweat away from your body, preventing clamminess on the course. 

Layer two: Stay warm with a golf sweater

Base layers provide a versatile foundation to build midlayers onto, such as a thermal hoodie, golf sweater, or snug fleece pullover. Choose something that provides extra warmth without packing on bulk, such as Under Armour’s Storm Golf Midlayer that uses hollow fibres to trap heat without the weight of solid fibres. Or the soft down-like insulation of the adidas Ultimate365 Tour Frostguard Padded Golf Hoodie, that combines the comfort of a sweatshirt with the cosy warmth of a puffy jacket. Ribbed cuffs and a mock neck also help keep the chill out.

Layer three: Wear winter waterproof trousers

How to dress warm for golf on your lower half? Thermal, breathable, waterproof golf trousers with plenty of stretch appeal are your friend. Under Armour Cold Gear Infrared Winter Trousers, for example, have ColdGear® Infrared lining to absorb and retain body heat, while Calvin Klein’s Winter Genius Stretch Golf Trouser has a Chill Force outer layer to keep your legs dry and warm. 

Layer four: Keep your core toasty with a golf gilet

Never underestimate the power of a gilet. It’s a what-to-wear-for-winter-golf must-have. Layer it over your base and midlayers to provide extra warmth to your core without restricting your swing. Pick out a premium option with plenty of flexibility, such as the Castore Golf Performance Hybrid Gilet, with four-way stretch material for maximum mobility. For golfers on a budget, the Calvin Klein Frontera Hybrid Gilet also packs exceptional warmth and freedom of movement.

Layer five: Protect all layers with an insulated golf jacket

A reliable golf jacket is essential exterior armour to keep you dry, despite the winter weather. It should be waterproof and breathable - keeping the elements out while allowing moisture to escape. When choosing the perfect golf jacket for winter, also look at comfort, fit, style, and special features. Fully waterproof, breathable, and ultra-light, the adidas Golf RAIN.RDY Waterproof Jacket is a winter winner - with front zip pockets for storing tees or simply warming your hands in. Meanwhile, Proquip Stormforce PX7 comes with a lifetime waterproof warranty, four-way stretch, and silent swing technology. 

Layer six: Cover your head and neck

From bobble hats to beanies, golf headwear isn’t just for accessorising. While brands such as Nike, adidas, and Island Green deliver some seriously stylish options, players who pack these insulating head-warmers know how to keep warm playing golf in winter. Our selection of snoods and neckwarmers also range from lightweight snoods for easy packing, or heavyweight neckwarmers to stay snug in icy conditions. 

Layer seven: Invest in waterproof winter golf boots

Not all golf shoes are inherently waterproof. To maintain comfort on wintery days, lace up a pair of winter golf boots. There’s nothing like soggy feet to ruin your game, so waterproof options such as adidas Golf S2G Men’s Winter Boots or Stuburt Active Sports Waterproof Golf Boots are perfect to keep you dry and stable in wet, windy, and wintry conditions. Your socks are important, too - go for sweat-wicking options such as Under Armour’s Heatgear Crew Golf Socks to keep your feet cool but never cold.

Layer eight: Glove up!

Finally, when it comes to knowing how to keep hands warm playing golf, a solid pair of mitts is your secret weapon on the green. Since water makes your golf clubs slippery, the most effective winter mittens and gloves aren’t just waterproof and breathable, but also give a flexible, grippy texture for you to grasp and feel your swing, even when the weather is against you. Cuff closures and Velcro tabs are perfect for sealing in warmth, while thumb and palm inserts can help enhance your grip - such as those found in some Golf Cart Mittens. You can also play in thermal gloves for comfortable, optimised playability. Consider carrying an extra pair of winter gloves to ensure you're prepared for unexpected situations.

Still unsure of what to wear to play golf in winter? Our quality range of premium cold-weather golf clothing can help you be at your best and enjoy the game, without freezing on the fairway. Visit our stores in person, or browse our leading brands in stock.