What to wear golfing in the rain

Without suitable golfing gear, rain can quickly turn an enjoyable round into a soggy and miserable one. But if you’ve never experienced wet fairways, you might be wondering what to wear. For example, what is the best waterproof golf jacket? Are golf shoes waterproof? And do you need a waterproof golf bag?
Here, we explain what to wear golfing in the rain, so you can stay dry and comfy on the course, swinging at your sunshiney-best, even if the weather is at its drizzly worst.

What are the best golf waterproofs?

When choosing golf clothes to wear for a rainy game, think in terms of layers. From your base layers to your outerwear to your accessories, building up clothing not only protects you from the wet and cold, it gives you the flexibility to add or remove pieces based on the weather.


Arguably the most important layer, external clothing is essential to keeping you dry, despite the elements. First up, your jacket and trousers should be both waterproof and breathable - keeping rain out while allowing moisture to escape, preventing clamminess on the course.

  • Rain jacket. So, what is the best waterproof golf jacket? This depends on personal preferences, but it helps to look towards comfort, fit, and special features. For tour-proven performance, Proquip Stormforce PX7 comes with a lifetime waterproof warranty, four-way stretch, and silent swing technology. For a premium jacket on a budget, this Cutter & Buck full-zip waterproof jacket is waterproof up to 10,000 mm, windproof, light, and comes in classic colour options. For a more secure fit, women may opt for a jacket such as the Under Armour Stormproof Jacket 2.0, which has an adjustable hem and cuffs, as well as 2.5-layer bonded fabric with full taped seams for maximum breathability.
  • Waterproof trousers. To keep your legs dry, the best waterproof golf trousers are those with adjustable features. Under Armour Elements golf trousers, for example, have side tabs and a zipped trouser leg for a closer fit. It helps if they’re breathable and lightweight, too - no one wants to be bogged down with soggy golf pants.

Base layers

Thermal golf base layers keep you warm at your core, which is crucial for long rounds on a chilly, drizzly course. The most effective first layers have both a compression fit and stretch, to keep you warm without suppressing your swing. Base layers provide a versatile foundation to build layers onto, such as a fleece pullover or polo shirts, but they’re also stylish enough to wear on their own - as is the case with the Calvin Klein Golf Base Layer and its breathable, fitted, high-wicking features. Moisture-wicking properties are especially important as they pull the sweat away from your body, keeping you comfortable for the complete round.


Moving onto your mitts, one of the most vital accessories for rainy golf are rain gloves. Since water makes your golf clubs slippery, the most effective rain gloves aren’t just waterproof and breathable, but also provide a flexible, grippy texture for you to grasp and feel your swing, even in heavy downpours. Adjustable fit is another important feature, such as the Velcro tabs on this budget pair. You might want to double up on rain gloves so you always have an extra pair on hand, just in case.


It’s easy to lose your joy of the game if your feet are soaked through. But are all golf shoes waterproof? Not inherently. Many will be designed with water-resistant features, but may only be suitable for light drizzle or dewy mornings. So, what are the best waterproof golf shoes? Here are some features to prioritise:

  • Waterproof technology. For rainy golf days, it’s important to pick footwear with specific waterproof technology to keep your feet dry and warm. The DRI-back waterproof membrane in Stuburt’s cushioned golf boots provides a perfect example.
  • Spikes and traction. Are spikeless golf shoes any good in the wet? Not if you want a stable swing. Spikes and cleats are an essential part of any golfer's footwear, providing traction to maintain balance and control on the course, especially on wet grass. Spiked shoes such as Ecco Biom Tour waterproof golf shoes help stabilise your swing.
  • Sealed seams. Water can sometimes seep through stitching or seams. To avoid this, golf shoes such as Skechers Torque Pro Spiked boast seam-sealed waterproof protection, for a perfect fit and rain-defying comfort.
  • Breathability. In order to prevent your feet from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable, golf shoes and golf socks should also be breathable.


Since you’re not wearing it on your body, do you need a waterproof golf bag? It might not be a fundamental necessity, but a waterproof golf bag can be a worthwhile investment for keen golfers. Water can damage your golf equipment over time, so waterproof golf bags such as those from Motocaddy’s Dry Series or Hydroflex models keep your clubs in top-notch condition for years to come. For players on a budget, a golf bag rain cover makes a more wallet-friendly alternative.

Our wide range of top-quality waterproof golf clothing can help you be at your best and enjoy the game, come rain or shine. Visit our stores in person, or browse our leading brands in stock.