Electric vs manual: which golf trolley is best?

The right golf trolley is a game-changer, saving you the effort of lugging all your clubs around the fairway and feeling exhausted mid-game. There are several factors to consider when weighing up what golf trolley to buy - comfort, convenience, and performance on the course to name but a few. 

From manual push or pull trolleys to cutting-edge electric options, we outline the most important features to consider when deciding which golf trolley is best for your specific needs. Let the tee off begin…

What’s the difference between electric and manual golf trolleys?

If you’re considering what golf trolley to buy, the decision to go electric or manual can be a real head-scratcher. Above all, it all boils down to personal preferences, budget, and golfing style. But there are some major differences between the two types of accessories. Electric golf trolleys are motorised, for a start, meaning they’ll carry all your golf gear without you having to push or pull (as you do with manual golf trolleys). Both are incredibly useful pieces of equipment, whether you play for pleasure or competition, so let’s dive deeper into the benefits of each. 

Electric trolleys: the benefits and drawbacks

How do electric golf trolleys work

Acting as your personal golfing assistant, an electric golf trolley is powered by a rechargeable battery and motor. Using a remote control, connected app, or the in-built screen on the trolley, golfers are able to guide these nifty helpers around the fairway, while they focus on playing their best game.

Why choose an electric golf trolley?

For the golfer who likes to take it easy, conserving energy for swings that steal the show, an electric golf trolley is a wise choice. With a plethora of smart features, modern electric golf trolleys aren’t just motorised carriers - they’re ultra-convenient assistants that can track your distances and score, and guide you round the course using GPS. 

With so many features, these intelligent caddies have higher price points. But are electric golf trolleys worth it? If you want to play like a pro, with smooth sailing across the greens, absolutely. And you don’t have to break the budget to go electric either - with Major Golf Direct you can upgrade your golf gear in three interest-free instalments, or see what’s in our sale zone

What's the best electric golf trolley?

Looking towards leading brands such as PowaKaddy, Motocaddy, and Ben Sayers when choosing your electric trolley is a great start. However, when selecting exactly what electric golf trolley is best for your precise needs, it’s helpful to consider the following options:

  • What’s the battery life? You want a trolley that holds out for a round, or even multiple rounds on one charge. The batteries in Ben Sayers 36 Hole Lithium Electric Golf Trolley, for example, last five times longer than traditional lead batteries, with an automatic cut-off to prevent overcharging.
  • How easy is it to transport? For this, look at the weight of each electric golf trolley. While a sturdy trolley makes life on the fairways simpler, you also want to be able to store and transport it.
  • Can it cope with hills? What's the best electric golf trolley for smooth greens may not be the best choice for particularly hilly courses. All our electric golf trolleys are built with three wheels for strength and stability, but for high-distant ranges, you may wish to consider a trolley with even more power to drive up gradients. 
  • What about trickier terrain? Likewise, if you’re playing golf all-year round, you might wish to consider accessories such as winter wheels to protect fairways and beat the winter trolley bans during chillier months.
  • Can you push an electric golf trolley? If you’d prefer to switch things up (or if the batteries run out), most electric golf trolleys can be used in ‘freewheeling’ mode. Again, weight is part of the consideration here, since electric options may require more effort than a manual trolley due to heavier batteries and components.

Manual trolleys: the benefits and drawbacks

How do manual golf trolleys work? 

Manual trolleys, also called push and pull trolleys, are simple and straightforward classics in the world of golfing accessories. Designed to be pushed or pulled around the course, they’re handy little wagons that can carry your golf bag and other equipment as you breeze through your game. They may not have all the smart features of an electric trolley, but they also come with a range of benefits. 

Why choose a manual golf trolley?

While golf is often thought of as a passive sport, it can be a great workout - particularly for your buttocks, lower back, and abdominal muscles. So if you want to get your steps in and burn more calories, pulling or pushing a manual trolley is the perfect way to upgrade your functional fitness - and your game. Another benefit of a manual trolley is their convenience - without motors and batteries they’re inevitably lighter, making them easier to unfold, fold, pack into your car, and store. For golfers on a budget, manual golf trolleys can also be a more affordable option.

What's the best manual golf trolley?

When deciding which golf trolley is best, it helps to browse options from trusted and leading manual brands, looking at Big Max, Clicgear, Motocaddy, and Longridge to name a few. But there are other considerations to make:

  • How easy is it to transport? Manual trolleys with lightweight aluminium frames and easy-fold designs make them easier to move from boot to fairway. Even in small cars, the iCart Compact Evo Push Deluxe Golf Trolley is a super-compact, space-efficient solution, boasting folded dimensions of 57cm x 44cm x 36cm when folded.
  • Is it stable? Golf gear is an investment, so your golf trolley needs to stay upright in order to protect it. Models such as Clicgear 8.0+ 4 Wheeled Push Golf Trolley have four wheels, to help keep the trolley steady when navigating steep slopes.
  • Can other accessories be added? From umbrella holders to winter wheels to a space to keep your cuppa, manual trolley accessories can elevate your game. While some electric golf trolleys have smart features included, manual golf trolleys can be upgraded with GPS and rangefinders which allow you to better judge, analyse, and improve your shots. 

Do all golf bags fit trolleys? 

Most standard golf bags can be secured onto the majority of golf trolleys, but it’s always important to measure the dimensions of each to ensure a good fit. There are various kinds of bag supports and brackets - if you use different bags you might wish to consider a trolley with adjustable straps or mechanisms. Or, you can opt for a golf cart bag, specifically designed to fit perfectly with your electric or manual trolley.

At Major Golf Direct, we stock an extensive range of electric trolleys and push and pull golf trolleys for all ages and abilities. If you’re still wondering which golf trolley is best for your style and abilities, get in touch and our friendly team can guide you to the perfect solution.