Advantages of a push or pull golf trolley

At Major Golf Direct, we stock an extensive range of push/pull golf trolleys for all ages and abilities, and frequently advise customers on which golf trolley is best for them. Here, we explain the advantages of push/pull golf trolleys and highlight a number of top models from leading brands.

Why use a push or pull golf trolley?

A push/pull golf trolley takes the weight off your shoulders and helps keep your muscles fresh for each stroke. In addition, extra storage space and innovative accessories, such as GPS devices and rangefinders, can be utilised to increase comfort, better judge your shots and improve your overall performance. As a result, golf trolleys are an incredibly useful piece of equipment, whether you play for pleasure or competition.  

What are the advantages of a push or pull golf trolley?


By reducing the amount of weight you carry across the course, you will find yourself less fatigued and better prepared for every stroke. 


Whether it’s for comfort and convenience or performance and competition, accessories for push/pull golf trolleys can increase your enjoyment while playing. For example, umbrella and drinks holders ensure you stay shaded and hydrated on a summer’s day, while GPS devices and rangefinders allow you to better judge, analyse and improve your shots. 


While there are many advantages to an electric golf trolley, the use of a battery and motor naturally increases its size and weight. With push/pull trolleys, lightweight aluminium frames and easy-fold designs make transportation and storage simple, even in the smallest cars. For example, the popular and affordable Fast Fold Trike 2.0 Deluxe Golf Trolley boasts folded dimensions of 78cm x 42cm x 40cm, while weighing just 6.8kg. 


With a push/pull golf trolley, you can keep your golf clubs in an upright position and reduce the risk of dropping or damaging your equipment. The Clicgear 8.0+ 4 Wheeled Push Golf Trolley is a sturdy and reliable model. Featuring four wheels, the trolley maintains balance even when navigating steep slopes and can be easily folded away. If you’re looking to extend the life of your clubs and improve your performance, read our guide to caring for your golf clubs.

At Major Golf Direct, we pride ourselves on providing the very best equipment and advice for our customers, ensuring their expectations are exceeded. If you’re considering which golf trolley to purchase for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll offer our expertise before guiding you to the perfect golf trolley.