What electric golf trolley should I buy?

Electric golf trolleys can be an incredibly useful and convenient piece of golfing equipment. They are a significant investment and require special considerations to ensure you get the right model for your requirements. 

Here, we offer a detailed guide to electric golf trolleys, discussing how they work, what you need to consider before buying, and which electric golf trolley you should use.

How do electric golf trolleys work?

An electric golf trolley uses a battery and motor to drive itself, and your golf clubs, forward. This means you don’t need to physically push or carry your clubs across the course. Whether you’re a leisurely golfer or an established professional, physical tiredness will inevitably affect club speed and shot distance. This is what makes an electric golf trolley so valuable. By carrying the weight of your clubs, it can help to reduce muscle fatigue and maintain a more consistent level of performance over a longer period of time. 

What should I consider when buying an electric golf trolley? 

An electric golf trolley is an investment that deserves a great amount of consideration. Below, we offer some expertise and advice on what to think about when choosing which electric golf trolley to buy


Given there is not a standard battery size, you need to check how many holes the golf trolley is capable of completing on a single charge. If you make a hasty purchase without considering this, you may find yourself needing to carry spare batteries or push the trolley yourself. However, electric golf trolleys are capable of tackling 18-, 27- or 36-hole golf courses, meaning there is an option for every possibility. 

Weight and size

Similarly, the weight and size of your electric golf trolley will be an important factor when determining if it’s right for you. Your trolley is designed to make golfing easier, so ensuring it is easy to store and transport is crucial to making the right purchase for you. 


The terrain of your golf course can also influence what electric golf trolley you choose to purchase. All our electric golf trolleys have three wheels for improved stability, but if your golf course is particularly hilly, you may want to consider a model with a higher distance range than your course, given that it will take more power to drive up gradients.


Electric golf trolleys can damage the turf of a golf course through friction, especially in winter. As a result, some golf clubs can be hesitant to let golfers use electric golf trolleys off-path. However, we supply specialist winter wheels you can use to reduce turf drag, avoid skidding in adverse conditions and protect the course.

What are the best electric golf trolleys?

When choosing which electric golf trolley to use, you should seek out a reputable brand with a proven history of providing reliable, high-performing golfing equipment. We stock a vast range of electric golf trolleys from long-standing and highly trusted brands, enabling you to quickly find the perfect solution to your golfing requirements. 


Since 2004, Motocaddy has produced award-winning golf trolleys for golfers of all ages and abilities. These are our premium golf trolleys, often favoured for their high levels of performance and functionality. For example, with fully integrated GPS, a super responsive 3.5” touch screen, and more than 40,000 preloaded golf courses, the Motocaddy 2021 M5 GPS 36 Hole Electric Golf Trolley is an extremely useful and dependable piece of golfing equipment. It is available in 18- and 36-hole models and boasts an incredibly long list of innovative features to improve your game, including: score tracking and shot distance measurement, a five-year battery warranty (when registered with Motocaddy), and a slim-fold design for easy storage and transportation. To learn more, discover our full range of Motocaddy electric golf trolleys.

Ben Sayers

Thought to be the oldest golf company in the world, Ben Sayers was founded in 1873 and is a renowned brand with a reputation of providing excellent customer service and golfing equipment. We stock a selection of Ben Sayers electric trolleys, including the Ben Sayers 36 Hole Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley. While it has fewer features than the Motocaddy 2021 M5 GPS 36 Hole Electric Trolley, it is more affordable and features a 200W motor and remote control – perfect for traversing steep slopes and unusual terrains. In addition, the Ben Sayers 36 Hole Remote Control Electric Golf Trolley comes with a free accessory pack (worth more than £100), containing an accessory station, umbrella holder, scorecard holder, drinks holder, rain cover and carry bag. To find out more, view our entire range of Ben Sayers electric golf trolleys

Are electric golf trolleys worth it?

Yes, an electric golf trolley can be extremely beneficial for golfers of all levels as it takes the weight of your golfing equipment and reduces the risk of physical fatigue. This is advantageous for both leisurely golfers, who want to enjoy the day and relax, and more competitive golfers, who want to conserve energy and keep their focus on the next stroke. 

At Major Golf Direct, we are always eager to supply customers with leading insights on golfing equipment, empowering them to make the best decisions for their game. If you’re considering an electric golf trolley, don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries or browse our full selection of electric golf trolleys today.