Electric golf trolleys: a buyer’s guide

Are electric golf trolleys worth it? For the avid golfer wanting to improve their game and, importantly, enjoy it more, investing in an electric golf trolley can be a game-changer. But where to start choosing the right model for your needs?

To help you make an informed decision, we delve into the main features to focus on when choosing your electric golf trolley, and answer your most frequently asked questions.

What is the best electric golf trolley for my needs?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a golf trolley. The first will be whether you want a manual or electric golf trolley. This all comes down to personal preferences, budget, and golfing style. A key benefit of an electric model is its motorised function: basically, it’ll carry all your golf gear for you without having to push or pull yourself (save that precious energy for your swing!). 

Two of the leading electric golf trolley brands are PowaKaddy and Motocaddy: great places to start in your search for the perfect model. However, it can help to think function-first – asking the following questions if you want to tailor a trolley to your exact requirements:

How long to charge a golf trolley battery?

This will hugely influence your choice, and depends on the type of battery used. Generally, an electric golf trolley with lithium battery power can be charged less and last longer than those running on lead-acid batteries. As well as being more convenient, this also makes them most cost-effective over time, despite their initial higher price. For example, Powakaddy FX5 Electric Lithium Golf Trolley 2024  is lithium-battery-powered, with a quick-access USB port for onboard charging. For those wanting even more, the Motocaddy S3 offers a serious next-gen upgrade at a tremendous price point.

Do all golf bags fit trolleys?

Most modern golf bags and trolleys are designed with compatibility in mind, especially if they’re the same brand with specific securing features, but it's advisable to read specifications of any individual models to ensure this. Cart bags are best for an electric golf trolley: they’re all designed to fit and lock into models perfectly, and should have adjustable straps and fastenings to prevent bags shifting on rounds. But can you put a golf stand bag on a trolley? Many models are designed to fit perfectly onto trolleys, such as the hybrid Motocaddy Hydroflex 2023 Waterproof Golf Stand Bag, a super-lightweight all-season bag that’s packed with game-enhancing features. Meanwhile, thanks to PowaKaddy’s exclusive MAG-LOK® bag-locking feature, all PowaKaddy cart bags can quickly and effortlessly be locked onto the brand's electric trolleys without the need for a lower strap. And if you don’t have a PowaKaddy trolley, the cart bags will still work with any trolley, with a PowaKaddy KEY-LOCK ™ system that prevents lateral movement.

How stable is the electric golf trolley around the course?

You want a reliable, stable electric golf trolley that doesn’t easily knock down or fly down a hill uncontrollably. Look for features such as automatic downhill control, electronic parking brakes, all-terrain wheels, oversize tubing, and hazard alerts. The Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC Ultra 36 Hole Electric Golf Trolley has all this and more, with a super-responsive 3.5’’ touchscreen display that’s satisfyingly user friendly.

Is the electric golf trolley good with hills?

Avoiding runaways down hills is one thing, but what about driving your new investment up a hill? All our models are built with three wheels for strength and stability, but for particularly hilly locations, you may wish to consider an electric golf trolley with a higher distance range than your course, as it will use more power to drive up gradients.

What about trickier terrain?

For golfers who keep the game going over winter, investing in an electric golf trolley that comes with extra accessories such as winter wheels is a big bonus. Some golf clubs can be hesitant to allow golf trolleys off-path, but our specialist winter wheels can reduce turf drag, avoid skidding in adverse conditions, and protect the course.

How easy is the electric golf trolley to transport? 

As well as being the sturdiest, you might also want to look at which electric golf trolley folds smallest. Look for something that offers the best of both, so you have reliable protection on the course, and are able to store and transport it with ease. Full of impressive features and ultra-compact folding abilities, Powakaddy CT6 Electric Lithium Golf Trolley 2024 is 35% smaller than its nearest competitor models on the market and fits into the smallest car boots.

What is the best electric golf trolley with a remote? 

For those serious about their golf gear, opting for cutting-edge technology can make your time on the course easier. Going an extra level above the standard electric golf trolley are those with remote functionality, such as the Motocaddy M7 GPS Remote Ultra Electric Golf Trolley. These trolleys can be moved forward, left, right, and reversed, with fully-integrated GPS and 40,000 preloaded courses. 

Can you push an electric golf trolley

Lithium batteries are typically lighter and more compact, making them the perfect choice for when (or if) you want to push an electric golf trolley manually. Most electric golf trolleys can be used in ‘freewheeling’ mode. But if manual use is your preferred method, opting for a specific push or pull trolley will be the lightest option, since electric models carry more components and therefore weight. 

So, are electric golf trolleys worth it? With the right model, reliable features, and a long-lasting battery, you can truly free yourself from the shackles of having to guide your trolley around manually and freely wander the fairways. 

Visit our stores in person or explore our electric golf trolley range online to truly elevate your golfing experience.