Are PXG clubs worth the money?

Let’s be straight, choosing the right golf clubs is not a not a one-size-fits-all task. And picking the perfect club both enhances your enjoyment of the game, and your performance. A great set of golf clubs can help you swing reliable shots, boost your distance (and confidence), and even prevent injury. 

But, among all those factors, we also need to keep budget in mind. If you’re considering investing in premium golf clubs, such as PXG, you want to be sure you’re making the most informed choice possible. So are PXG clubs worth the money? To answer this question, we explore their design, performance, and forgiveness.

What’s the story behind PXG?

Back in 2014, self-confessed ‘golf nut’ Bob Parsons wanted to design and develop the ‘finest golf clubs ever made’. Also the founder of GoDaddy, he knew a thing or two about starting a quality business. His expertise and enthusiasm led to PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf), a company which designs and manufactures clubs and other golfing equipment, engineered to precision using advanced materials and methods. 

Are PXG clubs forgiving?

Forgiveness is a critical factor for anyone hitting the fairway, new or experienced. Thanks to technologies such as advanced perimeter weighting, cavity backs, and high MOI, PXG golf clubs are reassuringly forgiving for all kinds of players. Engineered to minimise the impact of off-centre hits, even the least perfect strikes can benefit from consistent distance and accuracy.

Which PXG irons are most forgiving?

So what is the most forgiving PXG iron? PXG offers a wide variety of styles, with the PXG Golf Gen 3 0311 T Cavity Iron currently offering the best performance and forgiveness by a long shot. Launching easily with insane speed before generating explosive distance that helps launch golf balls higher and further, it’s a smart start whether you’re a newbie or seasoned player. At Major Golf Direct, our XG Golf Gen 3 0311 T Cavity Irons come as an eight-club set - each club feels incredibly soft yet solid with unmatched workability. 

The PXG Golf GEN6 0311 Forged Irons are another exceptionally forgiving option, with a thinner face leading to improved performance and ball speed, and a larger head size with more offset to deliver an incredible soft feel and extreme distance performance.

Are PXG clubs customisable?

For those who prioritise performance and feel, PXG clubs can be tailored to your swing style. This is incredibly helpful for those uncovering how they hold, swing, and strike - or improving as they play. Since PXG is very selective in its distribution (meaning PXG clubs are not as widely stocked in the UK compared to other golf equipment brands) Major Golf Direct is currently one of few PXG suppliers. We’re also one of few who can deliver world-class PXG custom fittings, using all the latest technology with personalised recommendations to improve your game.

So, are PXG clubs worth it?

Ultimately, PXG clubs are renowned for their meticulous design, superb craftsmanship, and advanced technology. Don’t take our word for it - tour players such as former Masters and Open Championship winner Zach Johnson is a long-time ambassador of the brand, and former world number one and multiple LPGA Tour winner Lydia Ko, and PGA Tour players James Hahn and Ryan Moore all use PXG clubs. High praise indeed.

Ready to power-up your golfing prowess? Browse our wide range of PXG clubs and golf equipment, or book in for a custom-fit club for personalised recommendations to up your game.