Are PXG good golf clubs?

Are PXG clubs good for everyone? They might receive high praise from pro-golfers such as Zach Johnson, but you don't need to be a tour player to benefit from PXG clubs. PXG, which stands for Parsons Xtreme Golf, is renowned for producing high-quality clubs that can be personalised to each player. 

With meticulous design, superb craftsmanship, and advanced technology, the golf brand’s clubs provide excellent feel, forgiveness, and distance. To help you pick your perfect club, we outline the facts about PXG clubs, the benefits of using them (whatever your level) and where to get your hands on this well-sought-out equipment.

Who makes PXG golf clubs?

Established in 2014, PXG (Parsons Xtreme Golf) was founded by American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and self-confessed ‘golf nut’ Bob Parsons. Best known as the founder of GoDaddy, Parsons’ enthusiasm propelled his mission to design and develop ‘the finest golf clubs ever played’. His company designs and manufactures PXG clubs and other PXG golfing equipment, focusing on precision engineering using advanced materials and methods.

Do any tour players use PXG?

We’ve mentioned former Masters and Open Championship winner Zach Johnson as a long-time ambassador of the brand, but do any pro-golfers use PXG clubs as well? Indeed, there are several tour players who use PXG clubs. Some notable pros who have used or currently use PXG clubs include former world number one and multiple LPGA Tour winner Lydia Ko, and PGA Tour players James Hahn and Ryan Moore.

Are PXG clubs good for beginners?

While PXG clubs are generally considered to be best suited to more experienced players, beginners can absolutely benefit from the ease of use and forgiveness of these clubs. Golfers just starting out may prefer to go with entry-level golf clubs, and may wish to wait to develop a more proficient swing or fine-tune their game before investing in premium equipment. But for those looking to invest in exceptional build quality and advanced technologies, PXG makes an impressive beginner club.

Are PXG clubs good for high-handicappers?

Thanks to their forgiveness and technologies such as perimeter weighting, cavity backs, and high MOI, PXG clubs are as beneficial for high-handicappers as they are for absolute beginners. They can help achieve better results on any off-centre hits, and can be customised as you figure out your individual swing style. 

Are PXG clubs good for mid-handicappers?

For those who have achieved a moderate level of golfing prowess, PXG clubs are an excellent choice. From the adjustable weighting to the high MOI, mid-handicappers love the enhanced playability, forgiveness, and customisation options that PXG clubs offer as they progress their game to the next level. 

Are PXG clubs good for seniors?

As mentioned, the generous forgiveness of PXG clubs is well-suited to many players, including seniors. With features such that help launch golf balls higher and further, PXG clubs can help older players sustain their swing in style and comfort.

Choosing the best PXG club for you

From lucky putters to special wedges, choosing the right PXG club depends on your skill level, swing characteristics, playing, style, and personal preference. For example, those wondering “which PXG driver is right for me?” are best off looking at the forgiveness, distance, adjustability, and feel of each club. The PXG 0311 GEN6 Adjustable Driver, engineered for insane distance, tight dispersion, and incredible forgiveness, is a smart start. 

Where to buy PXG golf clubs

PXG is very selective in its distribution and as a result, PXG clubs are not as widely stocked in the UK compared to other golf equipment brands. However, Major Golf Direct is one of few suppliers of this leading golfing equipment. Browse our wide range of PXG clubs and golf equipment, or book in for a custom-fit club for personalised recommendations to up your game.