Are adidas golf shoes true to size?

From its very beginnings in 1949, adidas has been making a difference in athletic performance. More than 70 years later, the brand’s golf offerings only seem to get greater every round – including its golf shoes. Yet now, with decades of options available, it’s important to ask the right questions to find the perfect pair. 

We’re often asked ‘are adidas golf shoes true to size?’ or ‘do adidas golf shoes run small?’, so to help empower your decision and find the most excellent fit, we tie up everything you need to know about adidas golf shoe sizing. 

Do adidas golf shoes run true to size?

Typically, adidas golf shoes tend to run to standard sizing for both men and women. However, this can depend on the style and model you go for, since fit can vary slightly between different designs, so it’s always helpful to measure your feet and consult the brand’s sizing chart to ensure you get the perfect fit. If you’re in-between sizes and prefer a tight fit, go one size down. For a looser fit, go one size up. 

How do adidas golf shoes fit in different styles?

With a commitment to peak performance, every adidas fit guarantees stability, support, and comfort. But the model you choose can depend on the way you play, your feet, and your preferred styles. 

For instance, spikeless adidas golf shoes have flat dimpled soles that may offer less grip, but can be more comfy and stylish in the long run. Meanwhile, spiked or cleated adidas golf shoes are a dream at keeping your feet grounded in wet or rough conditions.

Let’s say you’re a newbie golfer who wants to move seamlessly from the course to your other day-to-day activities. To ensure all-day comfort, your go-to regular fit might be the adidas S2G golf shoes, inspired by the streets but made for the greens.

If you’re on the course more than you’re at home, you might want a spiked pair. And adidas does spiked fits very well. Look no further than the brand’s Golf Tour 360 spiked golf shoes collection, with 360Wrap designs that lock in and support your feet through 18 holes and beyond. 

For wider feet, the brand’s Boa® Fit System gives you the ability to micro-adjust how the shoe fits. Try on the Solarmotion Boa spikeless shoes for the ultimate comfort, or the Golf ZG23 Boa spiked golf shoes to dial in stability for powerful drives.

Should I get fit for adidas golf shoes?

For the most comfortable golf shoe fit, taking time to get a professional fitting can really make a difference to your foot health and golf performance. An expert will measure the distance between your heel to ball, heel to toe, and your foot width. 

If you do go for a golf shoe fitting, we recommend booking one later in the afternoon, as feet can swell over the course of the day. And always remember to wear the socks you’ll be wearing on the course.

Ready for your adidas fitting?

While the shoes you wear can’t help you perfect your swing technique, they sure can give you the best possible grounding that leads to golfing excellence. With our huge adidas golf shoe selection in various styles and sizes, you're sure to find the ideal pair to elevate your game at Major Golf Direct. 


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