How to get started in golf

Getting started in golf is easier than most people think. There’s a misconception that golf is an exclusive game in which you need to know the right people. It’s simply not true. Anyone can enjoy the wonderful game of golf, and it’s never too late – or early – to start. With decades of experience, Major Golf Direct prides itself on ensuring every player has the best knowledge and equipment for their level, from people who’ve never swung a club to professionals looking to play in competitions. Here, we offer some expert advice for how to get started in golf to guide you through the first steps of an enjoyable journey. 

What do you need to get started in golf? 

Golf for beginners is an easy and accessible journey, considering all the equipment you need, as well as finding a good local golf club, is only a few clicks away. 

Best golf clubs for beginners

Naturally, before you can get on the fairway, you need a good set of golf clubs. There are many to choose from, but generally our best golf set for beginners includes the Wilson Staff Reflex LS Graphite golf set. This golf set allows you to practise and learn the game without spending a large amount of money on individual clubs and are specifically designed for beginner players to improve shot consistency, accuracy and technique. However, if you want better control over your game, you can custom fit your golf clubs

Golf tips for beginners

The fastest and surest way to improve your golf game is to find an experienced instructor and take golf lessons, which we offer at both our Huddersfield and Wirral stores. If you’re simply looking for a hobby to pass the time, or feel confident you can pick it up yourself, then inquire at a nearby club and get on the fairway. However, by making sure you’re clued up on the slang of golf, you can ensure you know where you’re heading on the course and the names of certain types of shots. 

To make sure you’re getting the best possible start to your golfing journey, why not use our expert custom fit services and get perfectly sized clubs unique to you.