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  • Masters Golf Launch Mat
  • Masters Golf Launch Mat
  • Masters Golf Launch Mat
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Masters Golf Launch Mat

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The Masters Golf Launch Mat can be taken with you wherever you go. Pop it in your back pocket, golf bag or attach a carabiner and hang it off your bag.

Come the winter when the tee boxes or mats are hard and you struggle to get a tee set up to hit the ball. If you are determined to play golf this winter the Masters Golf Launch Mat is a must. Gone are the days when you used to snap a tee to make it the right length or use those awful winter tees, the Masters Golf Launch Mat is ultra flexible to give you the most distance.

The Launch Mat is perfect for protecting the course during winter when the ground is soft, frosty or when local rules for preferred lie/winter rules are in place. It can be used with or without the rubber driving range tees supplied.

Key Features

  • 2 different tees included
  • Handy compact size
  • Protects the course in the winter