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  • Izzo Catch All Golf Driving Net - 10 Foot
  • Izzo Catch All Golf Driving Net - 10 Foot
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Izzo Catch All Golf Driving Net - 10 Foot

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Consistent scores require practice, and achieving that practice can be easily attained in your own garden with the IZZO Catch All 10ft Net. Made using durable netting, lightweight fibreglass poles, and designed to stand up to impacts of up to 150mph, this 7ft x 10ft net is a dependable and versatile choice. Installation only takes a few minutes and IZZO provides a full 1-year warranty on any manufacturing defects. The net's basin allows for easy collection of golf balls, making it perfect for use with one of IZZO's high-quality hitting mats. For those needing a bigger or smaller net, IZZO also offers 12ft x 10ft and 8ft x 7ft sizes.

Key Features

  • High-quality practice net.
  • Durable fibreglass poles.
  • Netting can handle speeds of up to 150mph.
  • Safely catches all balls in the bottom section.
  • Size: 10ft x 7ft large net.
  • All IZZO nets get a full 1-year warranty.