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Caddytalk Cube Golf Laser Rangefinder With Pouch

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The Caddytalk Cube golf laser features world patented triangulation technology meaning you can stand side on to your ball and be 30 yards away from it, scan the ball, scan the pin (or target) and it will work out how far the pin is from ball to target. This is a great laser if you are using golf buggies/ carts and have to stick to cart paths. Get your yardage from the cart path and take one club with you rather than taking three or four clubs due to being unsure on the yardage.

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Key Features
  • Product: CaddyTalk Cube
  • Range: 5~1000M (5~1100yd)
  • Unit: Meter / Yard
  • Type: For Measuring golf distance Function: Magic slope, E-slope, etc
  • Magnification: 6X
  • Size: 89x54x28 (mm)
  • Weight: 140g (with battery)
  • Battery: 700mAh rechargeable internal battery
  • IP55 Anti-Vibration and Water Resistant Design.
  • Colour Available: Retro Silver


  • World Patented triangulation technology
  • Pin the ball (or 1st point) and the flag (2nd point) from a different standing point (3rd point).


  • Provides the distance measurement that reflects height and ball trajectory
  • Developed from data of amateur tour players to provide more accurate recommended distance for the average golf player.


  • 100% accurate results & recommendations taking into consideration the environmental conditions such as temperature, altitude, and humidity
  • Also integrates magic slope in E-slope mode.


  • Introducing the state-of-the-art FPGA chipset that has upgraded to the world's only horizontal laser system
  • This new¬†horizontal laser feature allows the target to enter the Aiming Circle of the viewfinder with the most accurate measurements


  • USB-C port and cable¬†for convenient¬†recharging
  • Full charge allows up to approx. 10,000¬†actuations.
  • IP55 Water Resistance protects laser from water and dust
  • Includes¬†CUBE hard case