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  • Bridgestone Tour B XS Mindset Golf Balls 2024 - White White
  • Bridgestone Tour B X Mindset Golf Balls 2024 - White
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Bridgestone Tour B XS Mindset Golf Balls 2024 - White

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Bridgestone introduces for 2024, the TOUR B Mindset family of golf balls. Designed to deliver the ultimate combination of distance and greenside spin and control, the latest TOUR B golf balls feature the new REACTIV X System that takes Bridgestone’s Contact Science to a new level. 

In the second iteration of REACTIV, called REACTIV IQ, the ‚Äúsmart,‚ÄĚ cover of each ball in the TOUR B lineup was specifically tailored to optimize performance for the different players types of each of the four TOUR B models. Now, with the¬†REACTIV X System, not only is the¬†REACTIV IQ¬†cover of each TOUR B model optimized and ‚Äúsmart,‚ÄĚ due to the use of impact modifiers, but a denser¬†XCLRNT mid-layer¬†acts as a backboard at impact to create even more shot-stopping spin around the greens. The new XCLRNT layer in the REACTIV X system also contributes to a more efficient transfer of energy from the core at impact for increased ball speed and distance, as well as a slightly deeper sound at impact.

 Key features

  • The NEW TOUR B with MindSet ‚Äď the first ball scientifically designed to help you separate analytical thoughts from athletic performance
  • MindSet is a visual cue on the golf ball that reminds you of the easy three step process
  • Step One: IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET.¬† The first step is information gathering.¬† Where is my target, what is the distance, wind conditions and what club do I need to hit?
  • Step Two: VISUALIZE THE SHOT PATH.¬† This step is about connecting to the target and visualizing the shot or putt you want to hit.
  • Step Three:¬† FOCUS ON THE DOT.¬† In this step, you stay connected to the target, clear your mind of analytical thoughts, focus on the green dot and execute the shot you visualized.
  • The TOUR B RXS¬†delivers increased ball speed for MAXIMUM DISTANCE off the tee and a SOFT FEEL and INCREASED SPIN for CONTROL on approach shots
  • Bridgestone Golf is the #1 BALL FITTER IN GOLF:¬† The TOUR B RXS is ideal for players with swing speeds UNDER 105 MPH who want additional spin
  • JASON DAY assisted in the development of¬†MindSet¬†and plays the¬†ball in professional¬†competition