Which golf rangefinder is best for me?

When you’re confident in your measurements on the golf course, you can spend less time worrying about distances and dedicate focus to your swing. For this reason, rangefinders can be hugely empowering and practical tools to enhance your game. But knowing which golf rangefinder is most suited to your requirements can be tricky to figure out - and you don’t want it to be a guessing game.

To help you pick which golf rangefinder is best for your requirements, we outline the options available and the range of features each one provides. 

What is the best golf rangefinder for my needs?

As always, deciding which rangefinder to buy for golf depends on your skill level, budget, and dedication to the game. But there are a few factors that will really make your new fairway finder stand out. Ideally, a high-quality rangefinder should provide precise and instant distance measurements - both of these factors help you enjoy a smooth, successful game. As you progress to further feature levels, some rangefinders measure slopes, give hazard warnings, and track shots. The aim is to help you make faster decisions and cruise the course with confidence. These devices tick a range of boxes:

For the casual golfer: Izzo Swami LZI Golf Laser Range Finder

You’d be wise to snap up a Izzo Swami LZI Golf Laser Range Finder. This water-resistant option is a nifty course companion for golfers on a budget - delivering distance measurements at the click of a button, as well as incline and decline angles and slope-adjusted insights (which can be turned off to make the device tournament-legal). Ranging between five to 800 yards and boasting accuracy within +/- 1 yard, its Pin Acquisition Technology (P.A.T) allows you to lock onto a pin up to 300 yards away.

For slope-specific perfection: Bushnell Golf Pro X3 Laser Rangefinder

What is the best golf laser rangefinder on the market? If you’re looking for all the features, the Golf Pro X3 Laser Rangefinder delivers Bushnell’s most advanced device yet. Tour-trusted compensated distances are provided with patented slope technology, which now has temperature and altitude included. There’s plenty of practical features, too: toggle between red or black display, mount it to your cart magnetically, and connect it to the Bushnell app for total accessibility.

For the most accurate reading: Garmin Approach Z82 GPS & Laser Range Finder

Using both satellite data and lasers to deliver distances, the Garmin Approach Z82 GPS & Laser Range Finder is the pinnacle of precision. As a rangefinder, it gives the most accurate reading on the market within 10 inches of the flag and 6x magnification. When used as a GPS, it allows access to more than 41,000 course maps worldwide, and a super-handy Green View showing the distance to the back, middle, and front of the green.

For maximum magnification: Callaway Golf Micro Pro Laser Rangefinder

An ideal middleweight contender in the rangefinder roundup, the Callaway Golf Micro Pro Laser Rangefinder is designed to target objects at impressive distances. Get close up and crystal clear with 6x magnification, a five-1,000 yard range, P.A.T, slope adjustment, and water/fog resistance. As well as its excellent zoom feature, its micro size makes it easy to transport around the course, without compromising on functionality.

For built-in performance tracking: Shotscope Pro LX+ Golf Laser Rangefinder

The first of its kind, Shotscope Pro LX+ Golf Laser Rangefinder goes beyond distance measurement by offering built-in performance tracking features. Tailored for golfers who are serious about improving their game, this device allows you to track your shots, measure your stats, and gain valuable insights to refine your strategy and swing. With the Pro LX+, you truly get it all - a fast-firing laser for quick, accurate measurements, and a GPS loaded with 36,000 courses.

For tournament-legal tech: Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Plus Laser Rangefinder

There’s no slope technology in the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Plus Laser Rangefinder to interfere with tournament play, but there is precise distance-measuring and even simple club selection capabilities. Enjoy total confidence with the flag-lock feature, which gives two short vibrating pulses to confirm it's locked onto your target (and not what’s behind it). If you want the option of the slope switch, the next-gen Series 3 Max Golf Laser Rangefinder delivers even more features at great value.

Still wondering which golf rangefinder is right for you? Our wide range of equipment and technology means there’s a solution for every type of golfer - and we work continuously to ensure 99% of orders are picked and dispatched the very same day. Browse our full selection of rangefinders to take your game to the next level.