Which Bridgestone Golf Ball To Buy?

Which Bridgestone Golf Ball To Buy?

A quick review on a few of the best Bridgestone balls on the market and how you can choose the one that fits your game, course or season perfectly. 

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXS

bridgestone b xrs golf balls

The Bridgestone Tour B RXS is a golf ball that has all-around performance for moderate swing speeds. The RXS excels in greenside spin and control and also offers high levels of wind playability. Its durable cover material makes it highly durable, as well.

A couple things to keep in mind: If you have faster swing speeds, this may not be the best option for you. Also, if your game relies heavily on spin around the green or playing in windy conditions, this might not be the best choice either.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX

bridgestone brx golf balls

The RX is a good choice for players looking for impressive distance with a modest swing speed. With its higher-than-average spin rate and low launch angle, it's also a good option for golfers who want to keep their drives in the fairway when they play in the wind.

The RX performs well on par 3s, too—it's one of Bridgestone's most forgiving offerings when it comes to hitting greenside shots, thanks to its impressive greenside control and ability to stop on a dime when you need it to.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B X 

bridgestone bx golf balls

If you can swing the driver at a fast speed the Tour B X is right for you, you'll find that it's one of the longest distance balls in its category. It has a generous sweet spot and produces high levels of greenside spin. However, if you're a slower swinger or play on tight courses where every yard counts, this may not be your ideal driver.

Bridgestone B XS

bridgestone bxs golf balls

If you’re looking for a ball that will get the ball rolling with some real spin, then this is the one for you. The Bridgestone B XS makes it easy to work the ball around trouble and really move it around on greens. It feels soft greenside while still being long off the tee, making it an excellent choice for players who are looking for a good golf ball that also has great distance but doesn’t cost too much money.

The B XS is very consistent through the air and super soft on landing so that when your swing lands after impact with this golf ball, they will not feel like they are hitting concrete or steel walls when they hit something hard like bunkers or water hazards because ball material tend to deflect shots which can cause them not only lose distance but also accuracy as well.  So having something like this would be ideal since it won't do either one unless you want them too!

Another thing about this particular model is its superb feel and exceptional spin control around greens so if you're feeling nervous about putting into play then consider picking up some B XS today!

Bridgestone E12 Contact

bridgestone e12 golf balls

If you’re looking to control your game, this is the ball for you. The E12 Contact has a Gradational Soft Core that produces more consistent spin and allows for better play on the green. The dimple design encourages straighter flights as well as less sidespin. The E12 is available in vibrant matte color options so you can stand out on the course!

Bridgestone E6

bridgestone e6 golf balls

If you’re a beginner or senior, then the Bridgestone E6 is one of the best balls for your game. It provides excellent value for money and is one of the longest distance Bridgestone balls available. It also has a good feel around the green and offers decent spin control with its 3-piece design. However, it lacks greenside feel and control compared to the other models in our guide.

Buy the golf ball that is right for your game.

To find the right golf ball, you first need to figure out what kind of golfer you are. Are you an aggressive, low-handicap player who wants a ball that flies high and long? Or are you an average player who likes to hit it shorter distances with some spin on the greens? Or perhaps you're a beginner and want something more forgiving that can help improve your overall game.

Whatever type of golfer you are, there is a Bridgestone golf ball made specifically for your needs. Here's how:

  • Find out what type of course or courses you play most often (links style or parkland) and choose accordingly.

  • Figure out which weather conditions exist where these courses are located (heavy rain versus dry weather).

  • Consider what other conditions exist such as elevation changes in degree or amount relative to sea level; temperature swings between seasons; wind speed variations; etc., when buying balls designed specifically for those places' climates.*