Top 10 Questions On Electric Golf Trolley’s Answered

How long does the battery last?

The battery life comes down to 2 simple choices, one battery size will last for 18 holes and the larger battery size lasts for 36 holes.   Don’t be tempted to try to push an 18 hole battery to 27 or even 36.  This will severely impact the lifespan of the battery.  

Which is the most compact electric golf trolley

The most compact range of trolleys is the CT range from Powakaddy.  When completely folded down the dimensions are 51cm x 43cm x 38cm.  Roughly the same size as a bulky rucksack.  Making it very easy to put into the boot of your car. 

Here is a chart showing the range of sizes when folded down. 

the most compact electric golf trolleys

Can you use an electric golf trolley in the rain?

Yes, you can.  All the electrical components are sealed in a watertight box that doesn’t let any moisture seep through.   That being said, it Is not recommended to leave an electric golf trolley out in the rain for days on end.  Water will eventually find its way through when it is completely motionless. 

Can you push an electric trolley?

If the battery dies on your electric trolley before your round ends, then you may need to push it.  Thankfully as technology has progressed the trolleys are now a lot lighter making it easier to push or pull if there is no juice left at all.  More importantly, they also have mechanisms in place whereby you can unlock the wheels from the motor’s gears and push it freewheel. 

Can you use an electric golf trolley without the battery?

This is essentially the same as if your battery runs out.  But, perhaps you forgot to charge your trolley or it somehow didn’t charge as it wasn’t plugged in properly.  In that case you can bring your electric golf trolley with you and use it like a normal push trolley.  Just unlock the wheels from the gears beforehand.  

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Is it ok to leave a golf cart out in the rain?

Similar to if it is ok to play with an electric golf trolley in the rain, it is ok for it to get wet.  However, because there are many other metallic exposed parts, it’s best to keep the trolley inside or covered up for long term storage.  If you’re done with your round and you want to leave it outside whilst you’re in the clubhouse that will be just fine.  To be double sure you could checkout the Powakaddy rain cover.

How long do the trolley’s batteries take to charge?

On average, after a full round, it will take between 6-10 hours to charge your electric trolley.  The best thing to do is to put it on charge at night and leave it there until morning to unplug it. 

*Hint: Never let your trolley completely run out of battery.  This will greatly reduce its lifespan.  Lithium batteries especially need to be in constant flow.  So, the same goes for not using it.  Make sure it gets regular use to keep the battery optimal.  Even if that means turning it on but not actually taking it out on the course.

best batteries for electric golf trolleys

Do electric golf trolleys have brakes?

Most electric golf trolleys have parking brakes.  What this does is to keep the trolley still even if you are on an incline.  Some are automatic and some need to be switched on. 

the best electric golf trolleys with parking brakes

What is the life expectancy of an electric golf trolley?

Powakaddy and Motocaddy offer a guarantee of up to 5 years on their batteries.  So, you can be sure to have it for that long at the very least.  If you were to replace the battery every 5 years then the trolley will last much longer.  This is only included when purchased through an official retailer such as Major Golf Direct and you register your trolley with the manufacturer directly.  For full details check out motocaddy's warranty information page

What is the best type of battery for a golf trolley?

In general, a Lithium battery is the best option.  Even though they are a bit more expensive it is worth getting one over a lead acid battery.

Below are the reasons why Lithium batteries are better than Lead acid:

  • They charge quicker
  • This reduces the cost per round
  • They last much longer than lead acid batteries
  • Lithium batteries are much lighter than lead acid batteries
  • They are also more compact

Overall if you buy a lithium battery you actually save money in the long run.  It is also much more convenient due to quicker charging times and the smaller size.