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  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls Pure White
  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls
  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls
  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls
  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls
  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls Tour Yellow
  • Srixon Z Star Golf Balls
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Srixon Z Star Golf Balls

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Srixon Z Star Golf Balls

Srixon Z Star golf ball is new 7th generation and is all about maximize your greenside spin and enjoy ample distance performance, all with exceptionally soft feel. Choose Z-STAR if finesse around the greens and pinpoint approach shots are your keys to record low scores. Comes with new improve features that will only enhance your game. This golf ball is in pure white or tour yellow and offers everything in need in all areas.

  • Fast Layer Core = Soft at its center yet firm around its edge, Fast Layer Core gives you speed and great feel so you can play with confidence and big distance. A special heat treatment bakes speed into the outer portions of the core yet leaves the center satisfyingly soft. And the transition from soft to firm happens gradually, giving you consistent performance shot-to-shot, club-to-club.
  • Urethane cover with Serm = Every Z-STAR Series golf ball features an extra thin, thermoplastic urethane cover. For even more spin and control, we add our Spin Skin coating. This additional layer of urethane is only a few microns thick, but it uses Slide-Ring Material (SeRM) to increase friction and maximize spin on chips and pitches.
  • 338 speed dimple pattern = With their new, deeper dimensions, the redesigned 338 Speed Dimples on each Z-STAR Series golf ball punch through air for a penetrating launch. After launch, the dimples generate lift, driving the ball upward and maximizing glide distance during descent.
Key Features
  • Fast layer core
  • Softer feel
  • Urethane cover
  • 338 dimple speed pattern
  • 3 piece construction
  • Mid flight
  • Pure white or Tour yellow
  • Low driver spin
  • High greenside spin
  • 90 compression