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Power House Golf 36 Hole Lithium Golf Battery Inc USB Port

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Power House 36 Hole Golf Trolley Lithium Battery with USB Plug & Cover

Take the strain out of your game with a Powerhouse Golf LiFePO4 Lithium polymer battery. (Not Lithium Ion) . Lithium Polymer (last twice as long as Lithium Ion and is as safe as traditional lead acid batteries. You can now enjoy a lightweight battery that will simply drop in as a direct replacement for your traditional lead acid battery on any golf trolley. It weighs in at 2.2kg and measures just 170mm x 130mm x 80mm, that's less than 1/4 of the weight and 1/3 the size of a traditional lead acid battery and includes a 5-year limited warranty**. Comes complete with Battery, battery bag charger, and "T" bar connection lead. The Powerhouse Golf Lithium Battery LiFePO4 is considered safer than the standard Lithium Ion battery, it also has a 50% more life expectancy. It is supplied fully protected by a sophisticated specially designed lithium battery management system that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the battery is always optimised for best performance and life. Comes with Powerhouse Torberry to T-Bar connections. Also supplied with its own LiFePO4 Lithium charger that fully charges the lithium battery in around 3/4 hrs from flat. T-Bar can be removed so customer can use existing battery lead. New feature - Built in USB port allows you to charge any device with a USB cable, such as mobile phones and GPS devices.

Key features

  • Capacity: 12v 22ah capacity
  • Type: Lithium Battery
  • Weight: 2.9kg
  • Size: 170mm x 130mm x 110mm
  • Applications: Suitable for use with the Powerhouse Freedom Range and other golf trolleys.
  • Life expectancy*: 1000-2000 Cycles depending on terrain and charger type.
  • Duration: 36+ hole capacity depending on terrain and conditions.
  • Features: Ultra Light High performance. Complete with 3A Lithium Charger
  • Warranty: This battery comes with a 5-year limited warranty**
  • Usage: Can be used anyway around as it is non spillable. Must be stored in charged condition


22Ah Lithium batteries have an addition limited 5-year warranty on the battery. The 5-year warranty breaks down as follows: 1st Year warranty on charger 1st 2 years - Full Warranty on Battery. 3rd Year - Customer pays 50% of Purchase Price (Battery only). 4th Year - Customer pays 70% of Purchase Price (Battery only). 5th Year - Customer pays 85% of Purchase Price (Battery only).