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  • Izzo Golf SweetSpot Sports Massage Gun
  • Izzo Golf SweetSpot Sports Massage Gun
  • Izzo Golf SweetSpot Sports Massage Gun
  • Izzo Golf SweetSpot Sports Massage Gun
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Izzo Golf SweetSpot Sports Massage Gun

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Every golfer knows the importance of staying loose on the course and know it’s easier than every with The IZZO Sweet Spot Massage Gun. The massage gun is specifically designed to be carried in your golf bag and before, after or during a round. The Sweet Spot features 4 different massage speeds to help work out strains and pains in your neck, shoulders, back, arms and all other major muscle groups. The massage gun also comes with 4 interchangeable massage attachments. The SPHERICAL HEAD is designed for overall use anywhere and helps relax soft tissue & sensitive muscles. The CONE HEAD is designed for pinpoint treatment on things like joints, deep tissue and trigger points on your body. The FLAT HEAD is used for flatten out or work out kinks in major muscle groups like your abs, hamstrings and back. The U-SHAPED HEAD is designed to work out aches and pains in your neck, spine and Achilles tendon. The lightweight 1.1lb design allows you to use the massage gun without any additional strain and ads minimal weight to a golf bag for those that prefer to carry their bag. When fully charged, the massage gun can last up to 8 hours of deep tissue massaging and is charged using a 5V/2A charging cord.

Key Features

  • Different Speeds – The Sweet Spot features 4 different massage gear speeds to help relieve muscle pain, lactic acid while providing a deep tissue massage
  • 4 Interchangeable Massage Attachments – The SPHERICAL HEAD is used to relax sensitive muscle and tissue, The CONE HEAD is used to on joints and deep tissue for pinpoint treatment, The FLAT HEAD is designed for use on major muscle groups, and The U-SHAPED HEAD is perfect for massaging your neck or spine
  • Golf Massage Gun – The Sweet Spot Massage Gun was specifically designed to bring to the golf course, small enough to fit in your golf bag while still maintain the power you need to loosen up before your round
  • Long Lasting Battery – When fully charged the massage gun will last up to 8 hours of use so you do not need to constantly recharge it before you go to the golf course
  • Lightweight Design – Weighing only 1.1lbs the massage gun provides effective pain relief without adding the strain of a heavy device