Shotscope V2 Golf GPS & Performance Tracking Watch New For 2019


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GPS watch with Automatic Performance Tracking

Displays Front/Middle/Back distances to green and distances to/over hazards

Includes: Shot Scope watch, 16 lightweight tags, 1 x USB cable, free user account and iOS/Android/Desktop apps

A perfect device to track and analyse your golf data

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The Shotscope V2 GPS Watch is more than a GPS watch it tracks and analyses your golfing data allowing you to improve your game.

Product Information and Features:


  • GPS + Performance Tracking
  • 3 different play modes (GPS, GPS+Track & PRO)
  • Highly accurate Dynamic Yardages to F/M/B of green and hazards
  • Distances available in Yards or Metres
  • Fully-automated data collection
  • Clubsense™ technology for effortless performance tracking
  • PinCollect™ technology for improved approaches, short game and putting statistics
  • 16 club tags with Smart GPS chip enable club recognition
  • No tagging and no phone required
  • Over 40,000 courses available worldwide
  • Shows date and time
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf


  • No annual subscription – free firmware updates
  • Free apps for both desktop and mobile on iOS and Android
  • Interactive Performance Dashboard
  • Analyze 100+ Tour-level statistics
  • Industry-leading putting statistics
  • Every shot plotted on an aerial map of the course
  • Sync over Bluetooth or USB
  • Highest grade Smart GPS chip on the commercial market

Returns Policy

  • 28 day Money-back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty

Face Dimensions

  • Length: 59.0mm
  • Width: 39.0mm
  • Depth: 14.4mm

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 or later
  • Mac OSX Sierra or later
  • Android 5.0 or later with BLE 4.0
  • iPhone iOS 11 or later with BLE 4.0
  • Internet access


Key Features:

  1. Club Sense Technology All tags have Club Sense technology to ensure the watch picks up the correct club you have hit.
  2. 16 Club Tags Each Shot Scope V2 comes with 16 Club Tags – enough for each club in your bag plus a few spares if you want to test a new club out. Lightweight and unobtrusive.
  3. Automatic Performance Tracking V2 tracks every shot you hit on the course with no user interaction required. Simply wear the watch and play like normal.
  4. 3 Play Modes GPS – only provides distances;  GPS+Track – provides distances and automatic performance tracking;  PRO – for tournament use when GPS isn’t allowed, only tracks your performance.
  5. PinCollect Records where you putt from to produce highly accurate statistics on your game. Simply press the number of putts you take on the watch, when standing at the hole.
  6. Over 100 Tour Level StatisticsThe online dashboard provides access to over 100 statistics on your game. Analyze and discover where you can improve!
  7. Distances to HazardsV2 shows both distances to bunkers and water hazards, to help with your course management.
  8. Dynamic YardagesProvide distances (yards or meters) to the front, middle and back of the green from your exact angle of approach to the green.
  9. Leaderboards Climb up Global or Private Leaderboards with other Shot Scope users and friends, as you have a low round, hit a long drive, hole a long putt and many more.
  10. Medals Earn Medals for on-course achievements such as hitting a drive 200 yards, or holing a 10ft putt.
  11. Easy to Use Shot Scope V2 is easy to navigate with a large clear display screen and easy to press buttons. The distances shown are in large font.
  12. Water Resistant Play golf in even the toughest of weather conditions – heavy rain! V2 was designed and tested in Scotland, where it rains non-stop!
  13. No Tagging Required Unlike other Golf Performance Trackers, Shot Scope V2 does not require the user to tag each shot prior to hitting the ball.
  14. iOS and Android Apps Download our Apps and get your statistics on your phone or tablet! The watch can be used with the App alone and/or on the computer.

How Shotscope V2 works:

  1. Register for a free Shot Scope account and download our iOS/Android and desktop apps.
  1. Set up your band and simply screw the lightweight tags into your clubs.
  2. Play over 40,000 courses worldwide with no interruptions and no subscription.
  3. Analyze over 100 statistics on Club Distances, Approaches, Short Game, Tee Shots and Putting.
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